The below articles are about starvation in India.

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Year State Title Author/Source
2009 All I Dream - India: Free from Hunger (pdf) N.C. Saxena, SCC
2009 All Hunger, Under-nutrition and Food Security in India (pdf) N.C. Saxena, SCC
2005 All ABC of Poverty Alleviation (pdf) Ashutosh Varshney, India Today
2008 Andhra Pradesh A Fistful of Rice (pdf) Harsh Mander, SCC
2005 All The Battle Against Hunger (pdf) Harsh Mander, SCC
2002 All The Spectre of Starving India (pdf) Colin Gonsalves
2008 All Coping with Hunger (pdf) Harsh Mander, SCC
2008 Rajasthan Denying Starvation (pdf) Harsh Mander, SCC
2002 All Right to Food: From the Courts to the Streets (pdf) Jean Dreze
2002 All Food Assistance Programs and Their Role in Alleviating Poverty and Hunger in India (SCC) N.C. Saxena, SCC
2006 Uttar Pradesh Hunger and Starvation in Easter Uttar Pradesh Vidya Bhushan Rawat,
2008 Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan Living with Hunger: Chronic Food Deprivation Among Aged People, Single Women, and People with Disability (pdf) Harsh Mander and Archana Rai, SCC
2007 Orissa Legal Aspect of Starvation (pdf) Bikash Das, Committee for Legal Aid to the Poor
2005 All India's Right to Food Campaign (pdf) Reetika Khera
2008 All The Struggle for the Right to Food (pdf) Harsh Mander, SCC