A Joint Commission Enquiry (JCE) is sought by the Office of the Supreme Court Commissioners from a particular state government based on reported incidence of starvation deaths.

Three enquiries were undertaken by the Commissioners in 2010: in the State of Uttar Pradesh where, according to Hindustan Times report dated 04 April 2010, children eat silica-laced mud to quell hunger; in the State of Bihar as per media and civil society organizations reports 120 starvation deaths have occurred in the state in the past year; and in the State of Orissa where five members of a family allegedly died of hunger. Posted below are the findings of these enquiries. They have already been forwarded to concerned state governments for action.

Findings in Uttar Pradesh (pdf)

Interim Findings in Bihar (pdf)

Interim Findings in Orissa (pdf)


Hands of a destitute old woman whose family members allegedly died of starvation.