There are three kinds of report presented in this section. All are rich sources of information of the functioning of food schemes but each serves a specific purpose.

The Commissioners Reports present the periodic report of the Commissioners submitted to the Supreme Court. The reports discuss highlights of issues and concerns on the implementation interim orders relevant to the Right to Food case based on correspondences received by state governments, reports of the Commissioners’ States Advisers, and Commissioners’ interaction with Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and field visits. The reports also include detailed recommendations which require further direction from the Supreme Court.

The Advisers Reports are reports submitted by the Commissioners’ States Advisers. These reports basically discuss specific or comprehensive issues and concerns on the performance of food schemes implementation at the state level, and the required intervention. The reports also include enquiries, jointly carried out by the Commissioners’ States Advisers and representatives of a State Government, on irregularities’ complaints received by the Commissioners.

External Reports are surveys and studies conducted by concerned citizens and/or Civil Society Organizations which present realities on the ground on the implementation of any of the food schemes sent to the Commissioners.


Special Commissioner Harsh Mander and a staff member personally visiting a village to verify a report on widespread hunger and malnutrition.