Action Research Project is initiated in three districts each in three states namely East Champaran in Bihar; Palamu in Jharkhand and Banda in Uttar Pradesh.

The year-long pilot aims to develop models of state-society partnerships on the ground, for delivering results for the most marginalised sections of society. It plans to do that through jointly (i) identifying key developmental challenges faced by members of the most excluded social groups in the districts; (ii) developing, using Panchayati Raj Institutions(PRI) and deploying existing legislations, entitlements and welfare schemes, village micro plans for addressing challenges faced by the particular social groups; (iii) identifying barriers to effective implementation of those plans – including resources, management systems and processes, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and demand making and accountability  frameworks for the particular groups; and finally (iv) enabling District Administrations to address those barriers in a time bound manner – using people-centred and innovative solutions - to ensure effective implementation of the micro plans. Tracking and documenting lessons learned at every stage of the process will enable significant learnings to emerge, helping develop models for scaling up the intervention nationally.


This action research pilot holds great promise for modelling administrative and institutional reforms to enable us to deliver on our promise of inclusive development, focused on the most marginalised sections of our society – also the most challenging in our fight against poverty and exclusion. Learnings from this experience can potentially be significant for application nationall

  •                                               - Musahars  in  East  Champaran



                                                                        - Bhuiyan  and Paraiha in Palamu




                                                - Dalit  and Dalit Muslims in Banda 



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