The Commissioners respond only to complaints brought to their attention if mechanisms at state/local level are exhausted and the appeal is not receiving a due recourse. The state/local authorities serve as complaint mechanisms (in reference to the Supreme Court Order dated 08 May 2002) in ensuring the proper discharge of interim orders relevant to the Right to Food case. If a violation, however, affects a large number of people or requires a policy change, the Commissioners take it up with concerned authorities and or inform the Supreme Court.

The Commissioners working schedule is from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. You can contact us through the following details:

Office of the Supreme Court Commissioners
B-68, 2nd Floor, Sarvodaya Enclave
New Delhi-110017
Phone: (011) 26851335, (011) 26851339
Fax: (011) 41829631
Rural Punjab child

Rural Punjab child of destitute family