Complaint Mechanisms

State/Local Complaint Mechanisms

  • The Gram Sabhas are the authorities in monitoring the implementation and conducting a social audit into all Food/Employment schemes. In instances of irregularity, it is their duty to report them to respective implementing authorities, whom, upon receipt of complaints shall investigate and take appropriate action.
  • The Chief Executive Officers of the Zilla Panchayats (CEOs)/Collectors are mandated to record salient features of complaints, acknowledge receipts, and secure compliance to the orders relevant to complaints.
  • The CEOs/Collectors of all Districts in the States and Territories are responsible on scrutinizing the action taken by all the implementing agencies within their jurisdiction ensuring compliance with the above order and providing a report to the Chief Secretary.
  • The CEOs/Collectors are responsible for the implementation, and the Chief Secretary is in-charge of ensuring compliance with the aforementioned order.
  • The Commissioners are accountable of giving recommendations to ensure compliance with said Court order, and State Government/UT administrations are compelled to act upon on aforesaid recommendations and report compliance. The Commissioners are at liberty on engaging assistance of individuals and reliable organizations in the State and Union Territories in the course of fulfilling this duty. All officials are directed to fully cooperate with this/these person/s and/or organization(s).

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