The expanding authority and accountability of the Commissioners leads to the creation of a team in New Delhi. The team serves as a secretariat or the “working hands” of the Commissioners. The team attends to the everyday demands of the Commissioners’ work. It ensures that the Commissioners mandates are pursued vis-a-vis fulfilled. Below are the people behind the Commissioners' work.

The Team

PatnaikBiraj Patnaik is the Principal Adviser to the Commissioners to the Supreme Court. He works closely with the Commissioners in discharging their mandates i.e., communicate issues and concerns relevant to food entitlements and articulate policy demands with concerned authorities to augment the implementation of Orders relevant to the right to food case; and make state visits, conduct inquiries, and verify complaints on the compliance of said Orders.

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Pallavi Nayek is a Research Officer to the Office of the Commissioners to the Supreme Court.  She works with the team in the preparation of the Commissioners/ State Advisers Reports (which include compilation, data collection and analysis) to the Supreme Court.  She also attends to the day-to-day Commissioners work  i.e., drafting correspondence; responding to inquiries relevant to Commissioners' work and coordination with the stakeholders. 

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About the SCC Team

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